Mike Coney Announces New Reporting Tools For Unitrends

Mike Coney of Unitrends recently announced free storage inventory and backup capacity reporting tools. These new reporting tools enable systems administrators to determine financial savings by means of calculating precise backup sizing needs and removing extraneous storage. It introduced these two tools, which offer comprehensive visibility into file and storage capacity in addition to utilization.

The Unitrends Storage Inventory Tool offers systems administrators’ instantaneous visibility into their total storage environment. This permits them to precisely observe how storage assets are being utilized and where they are strained to capacity. This tool automatically integrates immense amounts of storage data and summarizes findings in easy-to-understand, in depth reports.

The Unitrends Backup Capacity Tool permits systems administrators to capture a thorough picture of all data center files inhabiting storage devices and servers. They can also view file-level information, which can be employed to plan, construct and schedule backups. This tool provides in depth summation reports for backup preparing.

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