Mike Coney Announces Unitrends Relocating To Massachusetts

Mike Coney announced in the summer of 2014 that Unitrends was relocating its head office to Burlington, MA. The reason for this is that the Company is looking to take advantage of the talent in the Boston area. Consequently, it moved its headquarters to the region from Columbia, SC. Columbia is still the center for its customer support, product development and engineering teams.

Since 2009, Burlington was serving as the core point for its marketing and sales operations. Presently, Unitrends has 108 employees located in the Burlington office. This office is a new 27,500-square-foot facility. The organization has around 400 employees in its entire workforce.

Mike Coney is expecting to add 30 additional employees by the end of this year. Moreover, he anticipates adding an additional 50 in 2015. This will bring the total to approximately two hundred employees by the end of next year in Burlington. This total will include a new CFO (Chief Financial Officer).

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